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  Coin Deposit System – Non Sorting Net Price Only

Put the counted mixed coins into 1 coin box
- Non-sorting – 1100 cpm
- Counts up to 20 coin denominations
- Rejects foreign coins, tokens etc.
- Scandinavian design with small foot print (W:605 mm x D: 382 mm x H: 1086 mm)
- Metal cabinet, stainless steel top
- No buttons (can be added if necessary)
- Intuitiv and self-cleaning operation
- Separate waste tray with hole for fluids
- Strong contrast LED (2x20 characters)
- Output in special operator cashbox with self-closing lid (36 liter)
- Pinol lamp lighting up at full (or nearly full) cashbox
- Easy access to coin module
- Click on/off coin module for easy replacement
- Bar code printing, fee possibility
- External power supply 24V
- Extra strong 5 point locking system
- Instructional pictograms
- Constant flashing arrow for deposit direction (green)
- Not possible to deposit if ”out of order”
- Not possible to overfill coin hopper
- Advertising space
- Internal front on/off switch

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